About Us

The building has been used as a metal works since 1925. Our core business is providing non-ferrous scrap metal services to central London and The City area, although we also go much further afield!

Our mission at Islington Metal is to provide our clients with consistent services and pricing. We take this mission very seriously and always commit our best efforts to continue making it a reality for each customer, consistently exceeding your expectations.

When selecting a scrap metal management vendor, many factors must be taken into consideration including pricing, professionalism, response time and payment terms, however, one crucial area that is often overlooked is environmental compliance. Islington Metal takes this responsibility for your scrap materials without question. stock of props and materials to hand to aid any production.

By keeping an eye on today’s fast moving technology and the ever changing materials that we are regularly presented with, we continue to focus on providing solutions to our recycling clients.

Our Services

We offer a pick-up service, serving industry, manufacturing, trades, retail and wholesale. We also have recycling programs for school & civic organisations to generate you cash.

Our Facilities

We have all the necessary equipment to process your scrap metal materials in a simplified fashion that will maximise your return. Some of our facilities include:

  • Material Separators
  • Hydraulic Shearing
  • Non Ferrous Baling
  • Material Processing Equipment


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